GINKO Control is a patch that will protect you against electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones and any other electronic device.

Are electromagnetic waves really bad for your health?

For it to function, the human body depends on a set of electrical impulses sent by the brain to all the body muscles. Electromagnetic waves will interfere in these impulses with implications that are still not fully understood to these days. However, general opinion has it that there will be negative effects, which visibly contribute towards muscle tensions and decrease general physical prowess, hence generating fatigue, disturbing the capacity to rest, and changing the normal body balance.


This has an even bigger impact on babies and children below 15, since their brains are thinner and still being developed.

Which devices produce electromagnetic waves?

All electrical devices, such as TVs, game consoles, induction hobs, microwave ovens, telecommunications antennas, and computers will produce electromagnetic waves with enough potential to disturb the well-being of humans.


However, this subject has been growing in importance over recent years due to an overall increase in the use of mobile equipment (mobile phones and tablet devices) usually kept closer to the body, as well as the growing number of public and private areas with Wi-Fi networks.

Since this is a health issue, is there any legislation on electromagnetic waves?

The European Union has recently passed a Directive (2013/35/EU) that must be implemented in all Member States before July 1st, 2016. This Directive enforces a strict obligation to inform on the danger of electromagnetic waves and suggests that each country adopts a restrictive legislation in order to reduce their citizens’ exposure to electromagnetic waves.


For example, France was the first country to adopt legislation on this matter, where Wi-Fi networks may only be available in public spaces which are duly protected against electromagnetic waves.

What is Ginko Control?

Ginko Control is a trademark that consists in a solution to protect human health against electromagnetic waves.

What is the GINKO Control Patch technology?

The GINKO Control Patch is based on the principle of 180º phase shift - the patch comprises two antennas separated by an insulator -, the antenna that is closest to the source of transmission catches the phase of a wave, which is then transmitted to the other antenna through electromagnetic induction. This is where the 180º phase shift occurs, which will change the physical stage of the wave.

What is the expiry date for the Ginko Control Patch?

The Ginko Control Patch has an unlimited expiry date as long as you do not remove the patch.

Is this solution 100% effective?

There have been several scientific studies carried out by independent entities, which verify the efficiency of the Ginko patch. The following stand out among these studies: public research body Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in France, Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, and the Medical School of Montpellier-Nimes University, also in France. The research results have shown that the Ginko technology practically cancels any impact caused by being exposed to radio frequencies within the environment.



The Ginko solution has a patent and was invented by French scientist Roland Wehrlen, who obtained the gold medal in the 2008 Concours Lépine for this invention.

Can I remove and reuse the GINKO Control Patch?

We do not recommend it, since this may damage the circuit and its adhesion system. It should also be noted that the GINKO Control Patch must be kept away from humid spaces.

Can I place my GINKO Control Patch on my mobile’s protection?

The GINKO Control Patch can be placed directly on the back of your mobile phone or the protection cover, if you prefer, as long as it is does not have any metallic material, such as iron or aluminium. Otherwise the patch should be placed on the cover’s exterior.

Will the GINKO Control Patch affect how my mobile phone or electronic device works?

Using the GINKO Control Patch will not affect the correct functioning of your mobile phone or electronic device, whatever the brand or passive system, that is, with solely the energy of the phase of the wave.

Will the GINKO Control Patch have a negative effect when connecting to a network?

The GINKO Control Patch does not interfere whatsoever with your network connections since your device will continue to receive the basic antenna’s signal in the same manner.

Does the GINKO Control Patch have any side effects?

The GINKO Control Patch does not have any side effects.

Does Grupo Ginko Control have any technical information services?

Yes, Please contact us via email: info@ginkoiberica.pt



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